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Animal Owners

At Hook's Apothecary we specialize in compounding medications to match the needs of your pet. With the veterinarian, patient, and pharmacist working together, it is possible to create a dosage form which can easily be given. For instance, cats are known as being picky animals and will usually refuse any medicine. They often even eat around a capsule wrapped in food. On the other hand, if you take the contents of those capsules, make a suspension, and add chicken flavor, the cat may actually enjoy taking the medicine. Tuna flavoring can also work wonders for cats turning up their nose at regular medicine. But we are not here to only help out with cats. We can create specialized dosage forms for a dog, horse, or even a bird. The main point is WE ARE HERE TO HELP in the case of a problem that seems to have no solution.

A few more examples of how we can help is making a peanut butter suspension for a ferret, adding an antibiotic to beef flavored gelatin balls, compounding a product discontinued by the manufacturer, developing a gel which can be applied to the animal's ear, or creating a "hairball" remedy for cats. The possibilities are endless!

We are here to work together with you and the veterinarian. Please talk to your vet or give us a call if you are interested in your pet using a compounded medication specifically made by us. We have many animal flavors to pick from that we can use.


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