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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Hot flashes?  Insomnia?  Decreased libido?  Incontinence?  If you are still experiencing these symptoms and are on a hormone replacement, then Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) could be for you! Even if you are not currently taking a replacement, BIHRT could help!

BIHRT may provide an alternative method to control the symptoms of menopause while possibly providing similar benefits of commercial estrogen and progesterone replacement.  We offer many different dosage forms to create a custom regimen for each patient.  We also provide extensive counseling about bio-identical hormones during the first consultation as well as regular follow-up discussions with each refill.

BIHRT is NOT an herbal supplement.  We use the NATURAL estrogens and progesterone that have been circulating in your body all of your life!  Replacement of these BIO-IDENTICAL hormones is a more natural way for a women to combat the symptoms of menopause.  It may also provides some protective effects against heart disease and cancer!

To find out more about BIHRT, its benefits and its risks, call Hook's Apothcary today.

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