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Quality in Compounding

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) in the compounding pharmacy realm is a little hard to define. There is no one precedent or law mandating a compounding pharmacy participate in QA & QC measures. Any steps a compounding pharmacy does in this area is above and beyond what the law requires.

What does Hook's Apothecary do for QA & QC? We have installed many different programs to ensure our patients are receiving the highest quality compound possible. The following is a list of our programs relating to QA & QC:

- Purchasing chemicals from the best source available

- Daily calibration of balances

- Calibration of pH meters whenever used

- Bar coding of all chemicals used for compounding

- Balance integration into our compounding software

- Tight control of percent variance on powder weights

- Percent error, standard deviation & absolute variation calculations on all batches of capsules compounded

- Percent error & standard deviation on all batches of mini-troches compounded

- Random testing of finished compounded products for potency by an outside testing laboratory

- Pharmacist only input of all new compounded formulas

- Pharmacist only compounding of all sterile products

We are using space in every e-newsletter explaining how each of the measures relate to providing you the highest quality compound possible. We will update this page as those newsletters are sent out. The bottom line, however, is all compounding pharmacies are not created equal. We feel it is important to hold ourselves to a higher standard than what is generally accepted for our industry.

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